It’s Good To Know –




Bahamians speak English with a Bahamian twist. This can be difficult to understand at first if local people are speaking quickly but you will pick it up! Bahamians should have no trouble understanding you.




The Bahamian dollar is on par with the US dollar and both currencies can be used here. Bahamian dollars cannot be exchanged at foreign banks so try to use up or trade back any of your remaining Bahamian currency before you leave.




Most stores accept Visa or MasterCard, not all will accept American Express. You will be asked for picture ID such as a passport or driver’s license when using a credit or debit card. The nearest ATM is located at the Caribbean Bank in SandyPort Plaza.




There aren’t many but those available use US coins.




Buses only run in the daytime. The fare is $1.25 to anywhere on their route. Most buses do not run after 6.00p.m, though the number 10 often runs until around 7pm due to it being on the main tourist route. You can pay the driver when you exit the bus, and if you’re not sure where you’re going, just ask your driver who will be happy to help.




Taxi fares are based on distance and there are flat fees from place to place. They are rarely metered. Taxis can be found outside most hotels, the British Colonial hotel, opposite McDonalds is the best place to catch a taxi downtown. Remember to ask how much the journey will be in advance. Our preferred taxi service is run by Cheryl. Call her locally at 423 482 to pre-order a taxi.




Bahamians drive on the left. Be sure to allow for this when crossing the road. Many streets do not have sidewalks and there is no designated side for walking on.




Walking is safe in the daytime but after dark is not recommended. As in any city, be aware of your surroundings.




The closest food store to all our properties is Super Value at Cable Beach. Approximately a 5 min bus ride away.

Order your shopping to be delivered at




Avis car hire rate seems to start at around $350 per week depending on car type.

Call 1 800 228 0668 or, locally, 322 2889.